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Natural TURF

We build athletic fields using equipment specifically for athletic field construction. Jones Turf Management, Inc. uses a chisel plow to de-compact the sub-grade, a Blecavator to incorporate vegetation & bury rocks, and laser equipment for precision grading. As a result, the client receives a high quality field the first time.


Laser Grading

Using multi-plane laser & hydraulic land plane.


Amendment Incorporation

Topsoil modification is essential in creating a good sports field.  Using compost, organic matter, and/or sand to modify the rootzone can increase pore space providing greater root density and help alleviate compaction. Incorporating amendments is performed using a reverse roto-tiller called a Blecavator or Rota-dairon.


Soil Decompaction & Tillage

Prior to stripping a field or re-distributing topsoil, tillage and/or decompaction may be necessary.  These cultivation tasks are performed using chisel plows, ripper teeth, and/or bottom plows.  The intention of cultivating fields is to destroy exisitng vegetation to make the fine grading process smoother, or decompact the subsoil making a more homogenous soil profile.


Site Prep & Fine Grading

Removing stones, rocks, and construction debris by either hand raking or with a surface preparator (Rockhound) is the first step in creating a viable seed bed.  Once the debris is removed, surface imperfections are raked out and seed or sod can be installed.  All grading is either laser graded or uses grade stakes and string lines.


Big Roll Sod Installation

Sodding with large roll sod is a staple in athletic field renovation and construction.  Rolls of Kentucky bluegrass and/or Fescue come in 4 feet (48 inches) by 60 feet.  We use a tractor with high flotation tires or a hitch hiker and a sod installer to complete the installation.  Thick cut sod or normal cut sod are avaiable depending on the type of application.


Rough Grading

Depending on the size of the job, we rough grade using a D8, D6, or D5 dozer.  The rough grade stage of a project is completed by experienced operators following grades staked out by licensed surveyors.


Earthwork & Sitework

Proper supporting earthwork & related amenities surrounding the footprint of the field is part of constructing a professional quality field

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